Beware: Israeli authorities on the prowl for unsuspecting sanctions evaders:

Reforms to trade regulations invite compliance challenges. BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank, was fined $9 billion in 2014 for violating U.S. sanctions laws. As the competent Israeli authorities are on the prowl for their own “BNP Paribas” case, it is worth reviewing Israeli sanctions laws and being apprised of important sanctions-related legal developments. Iran Springboards Sanctions Reform Israel’s stern foreign policies on Iran have been attracting increasing... read more >>

Big Yang Theory: Will China’s Outbound Investment Eclipse Inbound Investment in the Year of the Goat? And How Will It Affect the Growing Trend of Chinese Investments in Israeli Targets?

The Chinese New Year is here, and this is the Year of the "Yang" (which means "Goat" in Chinese). 2014 was the year of the "Horse", in which we saw a clear trend of growing outbound investments from China, and according to IVC Research Center, Chinese investors were involved in 32 investment transactions, whether directly into companies or indirectly via venture capital and private equity funds, valued at a total of $319M. We at HFN believe that this trend is about to grow in... read more >>

Administrative Site Visits: When the Immigration Authorities Drop in at your U.S. office.

Knock knock. Who's there? United States Immigration and Citizenship Services. Say what?! No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke, it's really happening. In an effort to curb abuse of the immigration system, USCIS created the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (FDNS) whose job it is to verify information submitted by U.S. employers within the context of certain employment-based work visa petitions. How do they do it? By conducting random and unannounced "site... read more >>

ESOP Transfer Pricing Audits on the Rise

In the recent meeting of the Legal and Accounting committee of the Israeli Advanced Technologies Industries, Israel's largest umbrella organization representing the high tech and life science industries, the concern of vigorous and growing number of transfer pricing audits was raised, specifically in the field of ESOP matters. The matter of employee benefits granted to the employees of related parties, such as of the granting entity's subsidiary, has been in the focus of the Israeli... read more >>

Third Annual Israeli Environmental Performance Index Published

The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP) has recently published, for the third  consecutive year, the results of the Annual Environmental Impact Index. As in previous years, publication of the Index received the attention of the media and  of investors both in Israel and abroad. This year, the Index applies to 44 publicly-traded and government-owned companies, that together  represent over 100 industrial facilities and 1,000 gas stations. The top ranked poor... read more >>

Social Media Policy in the Workplace – the Sequel

Last summer I wrote my first blog ever regarding "Use of social media by employees – is this good or bad for the employer?" I concluded my short article by stating that "this is mainly a philosophical debate with no clear answer" and observed that "as in each minute millions of posts, tweets and photos are published (including by your employees), a better use of our time is not to debate this, but rather educate ourselves and our employees about this use".  Well, I hope you all... read more >>

The Perils of Fixing the Un-Broken – Licensing Reform in the UK

A previous post in this blog celebrated the regulation of internet gaming and the opportunities it presents for the gaming industry. It did, however, also highlight the challenges that regulation presents, particularly in terms of the need for operators to constantly adapt in order to comply with divergent regulatory regimes as they develop in individual jurisdictions. The current scramble for licensing in the United Kingdom, resulting from the 2014 amendment to the UK Gambling... read more >>

Israel’s regulatory control over cyber exports

Introduction Homeland security experts warn of the next wide scale military offensive beginning with a decisive zero-day cyber-attack. Last December, representatives from over 40 developed nations heeded these warnings through an amendment to the “Wassenaar Arrangement” – a multilateral export control regime through which adherent states commit to regulating trade of a variety conventional arms and “dual-use” goods and technologies. Through the December amendment, the... read more >>

A Tale of Four Green Cards

Being a Legal Permanent Resident ("LPR") of the United States or “green card holder” has many advantages, including the ability to live and work legally in the U.S. Seems obvious, right? Perhaps, but what may not be so obvious are the responsibilities of being an LPR. To illustrate, I will share with you the top fact patterns that I encounter when speaking with Israelis who hold U.S. green cards. I’ll refer to the four sons from the Passover story to keep you awake.... read more >>

Back to Normal

There have been several Code Red Sirens in Tel Aviv over the last twelve days, as hostilities in the Gaza Strip continue.  Shelling in the southern part of the country is more frequent.  But in Tel Aviv, for those of us working in the office, when a siren sounds, we all get up and walk to the stairwell, working our way downstairs towards the shelter, greeting co workers, waiting a few minutes and then we go back upstairs. As I get back to my desk, with our office across from the... read more >>
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