Doing business in Israel: What will the Israeli financial sector look like in ten years?

The Israeli economy has been vibrant and dynamic for the last 20 years, but the financial sector has remained remarkably static. A small number of large banks and financial institutions .dominate the entire financial and credit sector. It is a little over ten years since the recommendations of the Bachar Committee were implemented. The recommendations had a profound effect on the Israeli capital markets. Until the time of the Committee, the capital markets were totally dominated by... read more >>

Salespeople & Antitrust Laws: What You Need to Know

Let's talk about the sales team. Those who negotiate with customers, bring in the deals, set the pricing policy, and come up with the sales and promotions. Salespeople are your company's main interface with the outside world. Smart and creative – they push your company forward. Of all your employees, they may have the greatest potential to protect – or violate – antitrust laws. And that is precisely why this blog is about them. Most salespeople have strong people's skills,... read more >>

Open Source Software: Still Risky after all these Years

Open source software, which not so long ago used to cause IP lawyers major concern and sometimes even minor hysterics, and which is still a significant issue in almost every software-related transaction, has now become almost ho-hum in the context of day-to-day commercial work. However, just because open-source software is no longer a hot-button issue,  doesn't mean that we can now be complacent about it. When we first became aware that software developers, bless their efficient... read more >>

2016: The Year of the Impact (Investment)

Will 2016 will be the year of impact investment?  When does impact investment become a household name?  When more and more investors want to be part of the trend? From its creation in 2008, impact investment follows social entrepreneurs who are on the increase.  Let’s encourage, support and push today’s corporations to keep moving toward socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, and impact investment. Why limit your goals to achieving a positive bottom... read more >>


2015 is projected to be Israel’s best year for M&A. HFN partners share insights on what’s driving this record growth. Israel is a small country with a small economy, in a difficult geo-political environment. On the face of it, there are many reasons why not to invest in Israel. However, it seems that M&A activity involving Israeli companies is on track for a record year, with $21 billion worth of transactions concluded by October 20151 . This represents a 52% increase... read more >>

Going Dark in Israel: How Does Israel Regulate Encryption?

Abstract: With active debate in the United States and Western Europe about how governments should deal with the challenges of powerful, commercially available encryption, it is instructive to examine how Israel has been regulating encryption for decades. ___ Recent terrorist attacks have rekindled debate about the limits of surveillance and how governments should deal with the challenges of powerful, commercially available encryption. Israel is an interesting case study in... read more >>

Doing business in Israel

Israel is a small country with a small economy, surrounded by hostile neighbours and facing constant geopolitical uncertainties. On the face of it, investing in Israel seems to be an irrational business decision. Nevertheless, Israel is a prime destination for a wide range of investors. A strong combination of innovation and entrepreneurial drive continues to attract to Israel the world’s leading technological companies, venture funds, private equity funds and, more recently... read more >>

SGX – A New Alternative For Israeli Companies To Raise Capital

More than a decade following the successful IPO of Sarine Technologies and two years after HFN successfully represented the Israel Electricity Company in its security bonds offering on the Catalist index of the SGX, it was announced yesterday that the Trendlines Group has successfully completed its IPO in Singapore. Trendlines, an Israeli technology incubator, was able to list itself at a staggering valuation of US$90M, following a successful pre-IPO round in which it raised US$27.5M.... read more >>


A guide to negotiating US-lsraeli business transactions PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS Having worked on M&A transactions in both Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv for the last 20 years, I have observed at close hand the legal and cultural differences between the US and Israeli markets. I find that approaching a transaction with an understanding of these legal and cultural differences is key to guiding the transaction to a smooth and successful conclusion. Israeli transactions often take place... read more >>

Why we LOVE Being Antitrust Lawyers (and Why You Should Be Worried)

  The end of Professor David Gilo's appointment as the Israeli Antitrust Commissioner gives us a chance to pause and think - what is it about antitrust law that we love so much? Professor Gilo's appointment period has proven quite dramatic for the Israeli antitrust and competition law. Israeli competition law was pushed from its sleepy corner, where it was "just another interesting niche," to the legal and economic forefront. From the "cottage cheese" protest of 2011 to the... read more >>
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